EFS Board Changes

There are some changes to the European Fluency Specialists Board, with Elaine Kelman now as Chair, Mark Pertijs as Secretary and Kurt Eggers remains as Treasurer. The Board met on 29th March 2019 and made plans for more webinars for the coming year. Watch this space for news of the next webinar.

First EFS Webinar

On Saturday November 3rd 2018, EFS organized its first Webinar. Fluency specialists from 6 different EU countries attended the lecture by George Fourlas on Lexipontix, a stuttering treatment program for school-aged children.

New milestone

A new milestone has been reached! More than 80 European Fluency Specialists from 15 different countries have been certified… what is more… over 60 speech-language therapists have enrolled to become European Fluency Specialists.

EFS presents at the Joint World Congress, Japan 2018

Kurt Eggers, Mark Pertijs and Elaine Kelman, the European Fluency Specialists’ Board, were joined by EFS member, Joeri Van Ormondt to deliver a presentation at the Joint World Congress in Hiroshima, Japan in July 2018.  

EFS presents at ASHA, Philadelphia

The EFS will present a poster titled ‘The European Fluency Specialists Registration‘ on Friday, November 18th at 3.30pm (session number 8843 Poster Board 629) on the procedure for becoming EU Fluency Specialists.

EFS presents at IALP Dublin

The EFS board, jointly with the ECSF steering committee, will present ‘The European Model for Fluency Specialization’ at the 30th World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics in Dublin. This session will take place on Monday August 22nd at 14.30. Session number: M16.037

EFS presents at EU symposium Antwerp

On February 27th, EFS presented jointly with the Dutch Stuttering Federation a keynote lecture on the recognition of European Fluency Specialists and the benefits for EFS and NVST to join forces, i.e. to facilitate the education and registration of all NVST members in EFS.  

EFS Board Meetings

The EFS Board meets on a quarterly basis, chaired by Mark Pertijs. The Board is responsible for the systems and finances of the EFS, as well as reviewing portfolios and overseeing EFS activity, such as presentations at conferences.

EFS website

The goal of the EFS board was to develop a modern, qualitative and user-friendly website. EFS members have personal logins to their own pages and easy-access upload tools. The website will be further developed in the next couple of months. Please feel free to provide us with your comments on our contact page.